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Green Deal

The Green Deal is a Government initiative that makes it easy and affordable to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business premises.

Green Deal

Instead of paying up-front for energy-saving improvements, you'll pay back the cost through savings in your energy bill. This means that you can upgrade your property, improve your energy efficiency and help the environment – but without making any difference to your monthly outgoings.

And because the Green Deal stays with the property, rather than the owner, you'll only pay back the cost of improvements while you're enjoying the benefits of reduced energy costs. If you move, the new owners will take on the payments.

The Green Deal covers improvements like insulation, heating, double glazing, and even solar panels and wind turbines. Find out if you're eligible for the Green Deal today with a free in-home assessment. You may even find you're eligible for free improvements to your property, so pre-apply now and find out.

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