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If your gas boiler is old or unreliable, it's a good idea to get it replaced with a new, energy efficient model. Not only will a new gas boiler be more reliable, but a new gas boiler installation will give you improved performance and could also lead to huge savings on your heating bills.


Energy Effciency and choosing the Right type of Boiler for you

Older, inefficient gas boilers could be costing you a fortune in heating bills, especially during the winter. The costs can soon add up, as they burn more gas then newer ones. The efficiency of gas boilers is rated from A to G by SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). A -Rated boilers boast over 90% efficiency, but G-Rated boilers could be as low as 60%. That means for every £1 spent on your gas bills, almost half is wasted straight up the chimney! A gas boiler installation could be an investment in your home and you could really see how the savings add up A new A-Rated boiler could save you as much as £235 off your heating bills year after year.

Always opt for a condensing boiler...

A condensing boiler is a central heating boiler that has improved efficiency over a standard boiler. If your boiler is 15+ years old it could be a G-Rated boiler. G-Rated boilers are the least energy efficient boilers.

You can find out if your boiler is G-Rated by checking the Energy Saving Trust website. Replacing an old G-Rated boiler with a new A-Rated condensing boiler and a full set of heating controls can save up to a quarter on your heating bills straight away. This could be an annual saving of £235 a year.

Decide between combination or conventional boiler...

Installing a combination boiler is certainly a lot easier and cheaper than a conventional boiler, as there is no need for a copper cylinder. So, it also takes up a lot less space. However, we would always recommend a conventional condensing boiler for households with multiple bathrooms and if you require hot water for multiple people at the same time.

A combination boiler is ideal for a 2 to 3 bedroom house or flat with a single bathroom. However a combination boiler's hot water pressure and quality of service is greatly reduced when several different sources require hot water at the same time. For instance the shower pressure and heat can be adversely affected when a hot water tap is switched on or when the washing machine is being used. There is also no possibility of an electric immersion heater with a combination boiler as a backup should the boiler fail.

About Vaillant boilers

German brand Vaillant has been in the heating market for over 135 years and now sells products in more than 80 countries.
Vaillant high efficiency boilers Vaillant offers four types of combination boilers that supply heat and instant hot water. The range starts with the basic EcoTec Pro which is suitable for smaller homes.

The EcoTec Plus range comes in three power levels – the more hot water taps you have the higher power you will need. The EcoTec Plus 937 can store 15 litres of hot water to reduce the time it takes to deliver piping hot water to your taps. The top-of-the range EcoTec Exclusive is suitable for larger properties and has a three-year warranty.

Vaillant also offers an EcoTec Plus open-vent boiler – the type for homes that have the traditional plumbing arrangement of a cold water supply tank and hot water storage cylinder. This is available in four heat outputs to cater for small, medium and larger homes.

About Worcester Bosch boilers

British manufacturer Worcester first manufactured domestic oil-fired boilers in 1962. It employs more than 2,000 people in Worcester and Derbyshire. Worcester is now part of the multi-national Bosch Group. It's branding declares that Worcester are 'dedicated to heating comfort'.

Worcester offers four types of combination boilers that supply heat and instant hot water.
The Greenstar Junior series is the basic-level range for apartments and one-bathroom properties. The Greenstar Si series is for slightly larger properties and offers a higher hot water flow rate. The top of the range Greenstar CDi range can cope with properties with two bathrooms and provide flow rates of up to 17.2 L per minute. The Greenstar Highflow CDi series comprises floor-standing combis for large properties.

For homes with a traditional heat-only boiler (those that use a cold water tank and hot water cylinder for the hot water supply) Worcester offers the Greenstar Ri series that can be installed in a cabinet, the higher powered CDi boilers for larger properties and the FS CDi regular for properties where a wall-mounting is not feasible.

The compact Greenstar 12i to 24i series and larger 30CDi system boiler provide a wide range of outputs for homes that use a hot water cylinder but no cold water tank.

About Glow-worm boilers

British boiler brand Glow-worm has over 75 years of experience in the heating business and says it is committed to top quality, reliability and exceptional durability.
Glow-worm offers several different ranges of gas combi boilers, including Glow-worm Flexicom boilers, Glow-worm Ultracom boilers and Glow-worm Xtramax boilers. It also offers open-vent boilers, system boilers and system store boilers.

All Ultracom, Flexicom and Ultrapower boilers come with a two-year parts and labour warranty. The Betacom a have a one-year parts and labour warranty. For warranty protection, either complete and return the warranty form that comes with the box or fill in the warranty form online.

Glow-worm will provide extended warranty packages from three to five years.

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